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Adam Scherr

I have spent several years learning how to effectively lead people though the various positions throughout my career in HR, Operations, Marketing, and R&D, predominantly in the restaurant industry. I have become an employment expert for those looking to improve their personal skill-sets or the overall performance of the teams they manage. I created this site as a platform to help people throughout their careers, regardless of where they are currently. I have worked with thousands of people throughout my career, and the biggest joys I have had throughout my experiences are those when people achieve more than they ever thought possible. To play a role in those types of situations is an honor that those in leadership positions often take for granted, yet those who understand the impact we can have on the lives of others are capable of great things.

I have an MBA in Leadership Studies from Baker College Center for Graduate Studies, which has helped me to view business and leadership from angles that experience alone cannot teach; however, the vast majority of my knowledge and ability is derived from my years of leading teams throughout the country.

Doug Tuder

I started at the very bottom of an organization, and through hard work, loyalty, and dedication, I worked my way to a high-level position. I am fortunate to have worked with great leaders over the course of my career. These influential leaders have invested their time, energy, and passion to mold me into the person you see today. They have shown me what accountability and great leadership tactics look like while giving me the resources and confidence to become a highly successful multi-unit operator. I have led teams of 10 all the way to 1000, and I believe the advice I have to offer will help grow your career, just as my mentors helped to grow mine.

I met Adam Scherr 6 years ago when we developed a long-distance correspondence over our mutual passion of leadership. He wanted to mold and develop individuals in leadership positions the way his mentors had molded him, but on a much larger scale. Great teachers have a unique way of producing students that far exceed themselves, and that is why I joined forces with Adam after he created My LnL, as we share a passion for helping others to navigate the path of their leadership potential. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to share my experiences with other leaders. I hope to influence someone to become the best version of themselves, while staying true to their core beliefs.

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