Choosing What Tasks Can Wait, The Incomplete To-Do List


I consider myself to be quite productive, to the point where people have asked me to share my process with them on multiple occasions throughout my career.  I'm not perfect, but I subscribe to some teachings of those who are as close to perfect at this as it gets, and it has helped me to accomplish many things over shorter periods of time than the average person.  The fact that I work as much as I do plays a big role in that, but what gets lost in that is the fact that I can still be highly productive when I'm [...]

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Moving People Around Can Help, But Be Careful


If you oversee multiple locations, there will be times when the best decision you can make entails moving someone from one location to another.  The problem with these types of moves is that they do not always get done for the right reasons, and can often lead to disaster.  Some of the biggest mistakes organizations make happen as a result of these types of moves being made when a better option existed. If you speak to anyone who has come up through the ranks in retail management, you will undoubtedly find that each of them were moved all over the place [...]

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Becoming A Multi-Unit Leader: Vol 1 – Why We Fail


I knew I wanted to be a multi-unit leader before I even became a single-unit manager for the first time.  I'll never forget how it felt when I finally reached that point in my career, and there's nothing like it.  I've dedicated a large part of my life to helping others to get there themselves, and although it hasn't always worked out for them, the ones who have excelled are the proudest accomplishments of my career, and I have no plans on slowing down anytime soon... You can never fully prepare someone for the step from single to multi-unit management, nor [...]

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Ever Have To Fix A Broken Restaurant?


The principles here apply to most businesses, but for those of us who have or continue to run restaurants for a living, there are likely some very familiar situations to you explained below. If you've worked in retail management for any length of time, and performed well while doing it, there's a pretty good chance that you have been asked to go into a broken situation and turn it around.  I spent the first decade of my management career fixing broken restaurants, and the skills those experiences taught me prepared me for the future in a way nothing else could have [...]

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Planning for the Unexpected


I think we can all agree that planning is one of the more important and effective things we can spend our time on.  Study after study show the benefit of planning, visualizing, and analyzing has on our lives and careers.  There are countless resources out there that give us advice on planning and explain the value in the process of doing so; so I won't spend much time on that specifically. One thing that you will rarely find information on, however, is how to handle all of the things that happen to you that cannot be planned.  Regardless of how well [...]

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Stop Trying To Teach “Soft Skills”


Interpersonal or “soft” skills is a term that we use to define one’s ability to positively connect with people.  We have all worked with someone struggles with this, some more than others, but there are always a few that really stand out.  Perhaps they’re too confrontational, fail to provide recognition, or struggle to uphold a positive work environment.   Most of us are probably guilty of trying to “fix” this in people by attacking this deficiency as a skill that we need to teach them.  What if I told you that we’ve got it all wrong? […]

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