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If you are interested in writing an article to be featured on, please reach out to me. I know a lot of you have great ideas that you have shared with me on our various social media platforms.  Most of you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a blog of your own, and I don't blame you, it can be exhausting. If you want to write a guest post here, just let me know.  It's an easy way to get your word out there for the world to see. I'm not charging for this, just looking [...]

Write An Article on Our Blog2018-06-10T16:12:03-04:00

How Tough is This Labor Market?


Have you heard the news? We are working with the tightest labor market that has existed in nearly thirty years.  The vast majority of us were not running businesses, or even alive in many cases, the last time unemployment was this low.  It is extremely difficult to find and retain great people, and many organizations are extremely late in adjusting their focus to account for the challenges that this labor market creates. The retail industry is taking this on the chin, and it hasn't been pretty.  If you want to see the affect this has had, just drive down any major [...]

How Tough is This Labor Market?2018-05-07T14:01:06-04:00

Join my Lessons in Leadership on Social Media!


Readers,   Lessons in Leadership is all about you.  The engagement, communication, and feedback you give us is extremely valuable.  We have a ton of new content coming out in the future as a result of the ideas you have helped us come up with, and we are looking to increase the ways in which we can communicate with each of you. There are now more ways to join our community than ever before.  Please join us on social media so that we can communicate with you in even more ways.  Some of our content will be available through some of [...]

Join my Lessons in Leadership on Social Media!2018-04-12T16:28:24-04:00

It’s Time to Start Paying Your Home-Grown Talent!


Have you ever wondered why organizations continually pay top dollar for external hires while short changing their home grown talent? You are not alone.  This is common throughout businesses in every industry, and this method has been used to balance out pay scales on an organizational level for as long as any of us have been in business. From a purely emotional standpoint, it's hard not to see a problem with this approach.  Time after time, organizations go out and spend tons of money to bring people in, while paying their home grown talent less to do the same exact job.  [...]

It’s Time to Start Paying Your Home-Grown Talent!2018-03-29T19:56:09-04:00

Managing Millennials


One of the things I've been hearing a lot lately, no matter where I look, are people complaining about how difficult it is to manage the millennial generation.  This generation of employee will represent the majority of the workforce within the next two decades. I personally don't see what the big deal is.  My team has been almost entirely comprised of millennials for the past few years, and they have been the most successful years I've experienced in my career to date.  I think people out there in the world who complain about "today's employee" have it all wrong, and if you fall victim their [...]

Managing Millennials2018-03-18T19:02:54-04:00

Can Your Facebook Account Get You Fired?


Do yo know someone who lost their job because of something they put on social media?  Have you or someone you know missed out on a job opportunity because of something you posted on a personal account?  This is becoming quite common in the workplace today, and I believe that social media checks will take the place of references in the next five years. This is a topic that people can get pretty animated over, as the issue stretches beyond the normal employment related discussion circles.  It has become more of an issue on personal privacy, and whether or not employers [...]

Can Your Facebook Account Get You Fired?2018-03-25T17:29:02-04:00

“We Only Promote from Within” – Then Why Are You Trying to Hire Me?


The title of this article may turn a head or two, but hear me out before you decide to crucify me.  Why on earth would a company that only promotes from within ever have the need for a managerial recruitment campaign? One could argue that internal development is the lifeblood of an organization, and I wouldn't argue against it.  That being said, it takes a lot of restraint from me not to start an argument every time I see someone write about an organization that "only promotes from within," as if that's a great thing to be proud of.  And by [...]

“We Only Promote from Within” – Then Why Are You Trying to Hire Me?2018-03-17T20:15:04-04:00

Are CEO’s Really Overpaid?


The topic of CEO pay can become venemous.  So many people have such a strong view on this subject, although most of the people I know who are firmly against high CEO pay know very little about business, and the impact a great CEO can have on an organization.   Sometimes, one's political views trickle into the business conversation, causing things to get heated at times. I welcome those types of conversations here, as long as they remain professional and respectful.  I believe in almost all of these contested topics, there are points made one each side of an argument that carry weight, [...]

Are CEO’s Really Overpaid?2018-03-17T20:01:53-04:00