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Who Noticed Something In You?


Throughout the course of our careers, we encounter a few people who make a drastic impact on our lives and careers.  These are people who see something in us that we do not see in ourselves; often they are supervisors, but not always. I'm interested in hearing about the first person in your career that fits this mold. My very first situation liked this happened when I was 16 years old, working in a restaurant during high school with the idea of saving up enough money to move back home to Hawaii as soon as I graduate. At the time, having [...]

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How Strong Is Your Foundation?


How strong is your ability to stay focused on the right things when everything and everyone around you seem to be lost in a cloud of uncertainty? I've found that one common thing among the great leaders I have spent time with is that they are always calm in high pressure situations.  Uncertainty leads to stress, in fact I think that it is the single largest cause of stress we deal with.  When things around you are changing and the questions you have about the future cannot be answered, you're likely to get stressed to the max.  While I cannot offer [...]

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The Work/Life Balance Myth


Do you struggle with work/life balance? If you're one of the many people who really struggle to find harmony in their life, you are not alone.  I used to be very down on myself over this.  I was often accused of being married to my job, a workaholic, etc... Everything I read mentioned how important it was to have a work/life balance, yet I had a hard time finding anything out there that actually explained HOW to do that.  I spent the early years of my career running restaurants; which can be one of the most difficult fields in which to [...]

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The 59.5 Hour Work Week.


Are you crazy? Who would ever want to work a 59.5 hour work week?  Where's the balance in that? We would all be burnt out... Right??? Wrong. The great Brian Tracy, in his book The Luck Factor, taught us that the top two percent of successful people in the world worked an average of 59.5 hours per week.  When I first heard that, I had some mixed emotions.  Part of me felt validated for being what most would consider a workaholic at the time.  Part of me felt frustrated that I would have to always be this way to see the [...]

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Just Be Five Percent Better


You will probably never read a news article about an organization becoming five percent better at what they do.  It's unlikely you'll find a self-help book about being 5% more productive, or 5% better at managing your life.  The reason for that? Changing by 5% isn't perceived to be worthy of discussion.  Big news sells.  People aren't interested in learning how to be a little better at something, they're looking for information on how to create wholesale change in their lives, careers, organizations, relationships, etc... Incorporate.com We all know that there aren't any true "get rich quick" schemes out there, aside [...]

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Could You Manage Millions of Dollars?


I want you to imagine that tomorrow you are going to take over a multi-million-dollar organization. You will inherit a company that generates millions of dollars in revenue, staffs approximately 10,000 people, responsible to a board of investors for profitability, and the fate of the company solely rests upon your decisions, good or bad. Now, also along with taking over that multi-million-dollar company tomorrow, you have to present your personal financial decisions over the last 5 years. How does that even feel to think that you will have to lay out credit card balances and statements, and all debt, banking statements, [...]

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Circle of Influence: Volume 1


When I was growing up, I was amazed by the T-Mobile family plan and how you could select 5 people that, no matter what, you could communicate with regardless of the time of day, and you wouldn’t get charged. Without giving up my age, that was at a time where most cell companies didn’t have unlimited plans so that enticed several customers to switch over. Now that I have grown older and wiser, I do believe that there is a way to bring this type of “plan” into the leadership arena. Over the next couple of paragraphs, I am going to [...]

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