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Performing While Still Building a Team? Get Used to It!


Dating back to our earliest days in management training, we have all been taught that we are to first build a great team, and then the results will just "come."  There are many organizations out there that still operate under this pretense, at least when it suits them, even though the logic behind the statement is flawed.  The statement is too simplified and can lead to issues when trying to lead a team through a time of change. While the idea that great teams will perform better than others is mostly true, that does not mean that a focus on performance [...]

Performing While Still Building a Team? Get Used to It!2018-09-02T16:58:56-04:00

Spend Time With the Right People In Your Organization


Most of us will spend the vast majority of time at work with our direct reports.  The vast majority of our responsibilities in leadership roles revolve around them.  We are needed to support, guide, consult, and help the people on our teams, so it makes complete sense that we would spend most of our time with them.  We also spend time with our direct supervisors. This time diminishes greatly over the course of your career, as each new opportunity will come with more autonomy than the last. I am a firm believer in following the chain of command.  I understand that [...]

Spend Time With the Right People In Your Organization2018-06-03T21:19:59-04:00

Restaurant Managers: Interactive Interviews Can Help


Many restaurants are really struggling to find people who can "wow" their customers.  It has never been easy to find people who are naturally great at this, especially in the restaurant industry where they are often treated poorly on a regular basis. While there is no magic bullet to guarantee that you will fill your team with A-Plus employees tomorrow, there are some things you can do that will help you do a better job of avoiding bad hires. One of the easiest and most important things you can do start with the interview process; if you're willing to get a [...]

Restaurant Managers: Interactive Interviews Can Help2018-05-19T16:39:27-04:00

Take the High Road


Have you ever been burned by someone on your team who you gave everything you had to in an effort to help them succeed?  Have you ever felt so infuriated by someone's actions or words that you questioned whether or not having a leadership position was the right career path for you? If so, don't feel bad, every leader has gone through this, and these situations will continue to happen to you throughout your career.  The only thing that will change as your grow as a leader is your ability to handle these situations more and more effectively. Over time, your [...]

Take the High Road2018-05-05T17:09:55-04:00

Genuine Leaders Don’t Interview Like Normal People


Most effective leaders spend most of their time playing the role of the potential employer when involved in an interview, but every once in a while the tables are turned.  Leadership positions are rarely short-term jobs, as it takes time to see a vision through to the end, so we tend to stay with employers for longer than the average employee, but every once in a while, we have to test to the job market. To people on the outside, it probably seems odd that someone who has interviewed countless people throughout their career would have such strong feelings about [...]

Genuine Leaders Don’t Interview Like Normal People2018-03-27T16:16:08-04:00

Leadership Style…


I figured it's about time I finally write a post on this blog I set up over a month ago.  The problem with these types of things are knowing where to start.  The obvious answer on this website would be to define leadership, however that opens up Pandora's box; with answers coming from all directions, each with a different perspective on the vague topic of leadership.  I think we'll open up that can of worms eventually, but not this day.  Instead, I've decided to skip that question altogether for now, and write about something I find a lot of fun to discuss: [...]

Leadership Style…2018-03-25T16:24:59-04:00

If their grass looks greener… turn on a sprinkler


I find so many people on a constant chase for the right “fit” in their careers. What drives me absolutely nuts is when I find these flaws in someone working in a supervisory position. I wish I could just grab everyone who is on this crazy chase for perfection in an organization and help them realize that by stopping and reviewing their choices, they may realize what all great leaders have eventually come to realize: it’s NOT the organization, it’s YOU. […]

If their grass looks greener… turn on a sprinkler2018-03-11T15:45:32-04:00

They Are Coming For Your People! What’s Your Plan???


Maybe you haven't heard, or maybe it hasn't made it to your business or industry yet, but it is coming.  You can ignore it if you want, but I wouldn't recommend that.  Things are about to get real ugly out there for those of us in the people business.  Companies are already getting down right desperate, resorting to tactics from the last few pages of their playbooks, and this is only the beginning. This is the new normal, and once the business world fully adjusts to the heightening difficulties of retaining top talent, there will be a lot less of them [...]

They Are Coming For Your People! What’s Your Plan???2018-03-17T19:35:10-04:00