People Ask, Does Your Phone Ever Ring?


Something that is rarely taught and difficult to understand is the proper level of involvement your team requires from you.  Although no two teams are exactly the same, there are some processes you can put in place that will help you to understand the right amount of involvement you should have with the individuals on your team. Early on in my career, I was way too involved.  I wanted every decision to go through me, I wanted to know how everyone on my team is feeling at any given moment, and I nearly worked myself to death as a result.  I [...]

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Can Employees Be Your Friends?


Before I get started here, I want you to understand a little bit about the way I conduct my business. I do not fraternize with my team. I do not hang out with them outside of work, ever. I guess I'm "old school" when it comes to that, as the boundaries between employee and employer seem to be fading over time, but I will continue to keep my boundaries in place, regardless of the change in what is considered acceptable throughout each industry.  The reason I operate this way has nothing to do with whether or not I like the people [...]

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Flavor of the “Weak”


Have you ever gone from feeling  like you were on verge of a major breakthrough at work, only to be sent scrambling in an entirely different direction due to a singular event or situation that completely changed your entire plans for the immediate future?  How many times, after the dust settles, do you look back and realize that things would have been significantly better if you would have just stayed on track with what you were doing in the first place?  I'm sure we've all been there from time to time, in fact, some of you are probably in the middle [...]

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The Ideas Behind MyLnL


I think it's important for the readers of this site to understand my purpose behind its inception. I took on my first leadership role nearly twenty years ago, accepting a management position at the restaurant I worked in during high school.  At the time, I had no intentions of making a career out of leading people.  I didn't see myself as "management material" at the time, but my supervisor saw something in me that I didn't even know was there.  Over the years, I have noticed in hundreds of other people throughout my career.... potential.  I've since made a career of [...]

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Leadership Style…


I figured it's about time I finally write a post on this blog I set up over a month ago.  The problem with these types of things are knowing where to start.  The obvious answer on this website would be to define leadership, however that opens up Pandora's box; with answers coming from all directions, each with a different perspective on the vague topic of leadership.  I think we'll open up that can of worms eventually, but not this day.  Instead, I've decided to skip that question altogether for now, and write about something I find a lot of fun to discuss: [...]

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The Affiliative & Democratic Styles


The affiliative leadership style is probably the most enjoyable style to have in a supervisor.  This is the type of leader I aspire to be. Although no one style works in all situations, the affiliative style is where I would like to spend the majority of my time; and if I'm doing my job as a leader by surrounding myself with competent people who are aligned with my moral fiber, then this approach works the vast majority of the time. Affiliative leaders are the type of leaders who are surrounded by people extremely loyal to them.  The reason for this is [...]

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What Is Your Favorite P.I.E?


I must say one of my favorite American past times is eating a great apple pie. However, that is not the pie I am talking about here. This is a specific acronym that was taught to me several years ago by a Vice President of a company I looked up to. It is something that has influenced me for over a decade, and I am here to tell you about P.I.E. […]

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Give Yourself A Promotion!


Start doing the job now, and save yourself a lot of time and headaches in the future. The performance of a team almost always drops off shortly after a leadership change.  There are many reasons for this, the largest being the common trickle down effect that change creates, but the next largest reason for the dip in performance is that the new leader has to go through a period of "growing pains" before they start to hit their stride.  No amount of preparation will guarantee that there won't be a drop off in performance during a new leaders first few months.  [...]

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Don’t Be A Sore Winner


I figured I would take a moment away from our social media pages and write an article pertaining to a subject I am passionate about. One of the things I have heard since I can remember is that you should never be a sore loser. Whether it be some type of mental block, the pressure I was under in any sport at a young age, or just my DNA I have always failed at this. Let me be clear, there is the sore loser who blames everything but themselves and then there is the loser who just absolutely hates to lose. [...]

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