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Performing While Still Building a Team? Get Used to It!


Dating back to our earliest days in management training, we have all been taught that we are to first build a great team, and then the results will just "come."  There are many organizations out there that still operate under this pretense, at least when it suits them, even though the logic behind the statement is flawed.  The statement is too simplified and can lead to issues when trying to lead a team through a time of change. While the idea that great teams will perform better than others is mostly true, that does not mean that a focus on performance [...]

Performing While Still Building a Team? Get Used to It!2018-09-02T16:58:56-04:00

Moving People Around Can Help, But Be Careful


If you oversee multiple locations, there will be times when the best decision you can make entails moving someone from one location to another.  The problem with these types of moves is that they do not always get done for the right reasons, and can often lead to disaster.  Some of the biggest mistakes organizations make happen as a result of these types of moves being made when a better option existed. If you speak to anyone who has come up through the ranks in retail management, you will undoubtedly find that each of them were moved all over the place [...]

Moving People Around Can Help, But Be Careful2018-07-01T18:14:15-04:00

Can Employees Be Your Friends?


Before I get started here, I want you to understand a little bit about the way I conduct my business. I do not fraternize with my team. I do not hang out with them outside of work, ever. I guess I'm "old school" when it comes to that, as the boundaries between employee and employer seem to be fading over time, but I will continue to keep my boundaries in place, regardless of the change in what is considered acceptable throughout each industry.  The reason I operate this way has nothing to do with whether or not I like the people [...]

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The 59.5 Hour Work Week.


Are you crazy? Who would ever want to work a 59.5 hour work week?  Where's the balance in that? We would all be burnt out... Right??? Wrong. The great Brian Tracy, in his book The Luck Factor, taught us that the top two percent of successful people in the world worked an average of 59.5 hours per week.  When I first heard that, I had some mixed emotions.  Part of me felt validated for being what most would consider a workaholic at the time.  Part of me felt frustrated that I would have to always be this way to see the [...]

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Do we have favorites? Of course we do!


Let me preface this by saying that showing favoritism  for reasons outside of performance or the attributes explained below is wrong, and will lead you to big problems down the road.  I do not condone that type of behavior, and would never recommend working for an organization where this is considered acceptable behavior.  You see that a lot when people blue the lines between personal and professional by hiring those they know or are even related to.  That’s just stupid; anyone with an ounce of leadership knowledge should know that you’re not supposed to crap where you sleep… ever!  Now, as [...]

Do we have favorites? Of course we do!2018-03-26T16:27:53-04:00

Can Your Facebook Account Get You Fired?


Do yo know someone who lost their job because of something they put on social media?  Have you or someone you know missed out on a job opportunity because of something you posted on a personal account?  This is becoming quite common in the workplace today, and I believe that social media checks will take the place of references in the next five years. This is a topic that people can get pretty animated over, as the issue stretches beyond the normal employment related discussion circles.  It has become more of an issue on personal privacy, and whether or not employers [...]

Can Your Facebook Account Get You Fired?2018-03-25T17:29:02-04:00