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Choosing What Tasks Can Wait, The Incomplete To-Do List


I consider myself to be quite productive, to the point where people have asked me to share my process with them on multiple occasions throughout my career.  I'm not perfect, but I subscribe to some teachings of those who are as close to perfect at this as it gets, and it has helped me to accomplish many things over shorter periods of time than the average person.  The fact that I work as much as I do plays a big role in that, but what gets lost in that is the fact that I can still be highly productive when I'm [...]

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Just Be Five Percent Better


You will probably never read a news article about an organization becoming five percent better at what they do.  It's unlikely you'll find a self-help book about being 5% more productive, or 5% better at managing your life.  The reason for that? Changing by 5% isn't perceived to be worthy of discussion.  Big news sells.  People aren't interested in learning how to be a little better at something, they're looking for information on how to create wholesale change in their lives, careers, organizations, relationships, etc... We all know that there aren't any true "get rich quick" schemes out there, aside [...]

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